A legacy of disenfranchisement through public and private policy has resulted in people of color (PoC) participating in many aspects of society at lesser rates than their white peers.  Yet communities of color stand to gain the most benefits from cycling – From economic empowerment to health, mobility equity, and the simple joy that a bicycle ride can put into everyday life.

Founder, Courtney Williams, launched The Brown Bike Girl in 2016 with the goal of assisting existing and aspiring community stewards expand their capacity to knock down the barriers between communities of color and their access and adoption of the life-changing machine known as the bicycle.

The Brown Bike Girl is available to help as a strategic partner, outreach specialist, project coordinator, or training facilitator in whatever capacity it takes to help facilitate the experiences, discussions, or education needed to get communities of color cycling.

The Brown Bike Girl is an insured and certified NYC M/WBE (Minority and Woman Certified Business Enterprise.)

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About Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams is a uniquely talented specialist at combining social interest programming and cycling, and is passionate about sharing the solutions that embracing bicycle presents to the challenges faced by inner city Black and Brown populations.  Her company’s projects have ranged from developing and hosting educational events for youth and families, keynote speaking, and long distance bike tour project coordination in addition to traditional bike ride leadership activity and organizational training.

Organizations work with Williams via The Brown Bike Girl to craft meaningful initiatives that attract the attention and involvement of the present and future cyclists of color and engage the larger community in conversation about working together for mobility justice and the creation race and class-inclusive space within cycling. A former Midwesterner turned New Yorker, Courtney is happy to travel to help support equity intiatives around the country.

Courtney Williams, Chief Strategist

  • Urban planner (MCP, U Cincinnati)
  • League of American Bicyclist instructor
  • Entrepreneurship coach
  • Passion for sharing the joy of cycling
  • Public speaker
  • Lifelong community organizer