Welcome to the temporary landing page for The Brown Bike Girl bicycle advocacy consulting. Chief Strategist, Courtney Williams, partners with organizations, non-profits and government to create more access to the benefits of bicycling for communities of color.

Did you land here because of the recent Bicycling Magazine article (What White Allies Can Do..?) Though my #nycbikemayor initiative is featured as the backdrop to the article, the value and power of The Brown Bike Girl’s event, is that it exemplifies the type of urgent disparity-solving and direct action model that I believe contemporary racial equity & inclusion projects cycling should pursue. The real story is a woman of color bringing community together to remove geographic and financial barriers to empower BIPoC neighbors to participate in self-propelled, socially-distant transportation and minimize their COVID-19 exposure by bike!

Educating allies through anti-racism & equity training, empowering BIPoC through direct action, and leading by example is The Brown Bike Girl brand.

Please reach out if you need me! thebrownbikegirl@gmail.com
- Courtney